Come level up with us at the EXP Restaurant


Grab a bite to eat, then game out with your friends!

EXP is a restaurant in downtown Vancouver for the Gaming community. We're for everyone from the Smash Bros. Community to the most tactical Settler of Catan players. Join some friends for a fun night of thematic food & drinks, tabletop treachery or even the perilous cliffs of Rainbow Road!

Games we have on tap

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  • Mature

    • Cards Against Humanity
  • Long-Term

    • Talisman
    • Pathfinder
  • Family Friendly

    • Apples-to-Apples
  • Classic

    • Settlers of Catan

We aim to redefine 'social gaming'

Eat delicious items crafted by our expert chefs! Drink themed beverages after your favourite games! Enjoy social mixers, Game Industry Q&A sessions, and various other special events throughout the week! Get hyped for tournaments with awesome prizes! Watch high-level matches in the pro-gaming scene! Literally Level Up as you visit with our experience points reward system!

Upcoming Events

    Open for late night game-outs!

    Sunday - Thursday

    Friday & Saturday

    309 West Pender St.